Pillowtop Mattress Guide

Pillow top mattresses are a great improvement over old-fashioned mattresses. The main reason is that they provide far more comfort than traditional mattresses. They have a built in pad on top that is very similar to a pillow, and that is why it is called a pillow top mattress. Traditional mattress pads may offer some additional comfort to a mattress, but most of them are not as comfortable as a mattress with a pillow top. A pillow top mattress may have a variety of materials added to the top layer for comfort.

Some pillow top mattresses have a memory foam layer in them that takes pressure off of body parts as a person lies down to sleep. They may also have other types of foam rubber or padding for comfort, such as Visco-Elastic foam that is the material used in one brand of Plush Euro Pillow top mattresses. Most people sleep much better when they are comfortable. They toss and turn less, and they are therefore less likely to wake up during the night. Pillow top mattresses relieve pressure so that the sleeper’s arm, leg, and other body parts get better circulation. This also provides better sleep because a person does not move as much and is able to sleep more soundly.

This type of mattress may have either a firm Euro pillow top or a plush Euro pillow top. Most people rate the firm Euro pillow top at a two out of ten for comfort levels. However, the plush Euro pillow top is rated an 8.5 out of ten for comfort. This is because the plush mattress has a thicker layer of padding. It may have latex or a combination of synthetic foam material that adds to the softness of the pillow top.

When a mattress has a soft pillow top, the mattress itself is still able to provide good support. It does not sag or react like a pillow. Only the top layer is flexible and very soft because it is put on top of a firm mattress. Without the pillow top, it would be just like old-fashioned mattress that can become lumpy and uncomfortable in only a few years of use. One of the benefits of a pillow top mattress is that it absorbs some of the movement of another person sleeping in the bed. If a partner shifts or rolls over, their movement is not as likely to disturb the other sleeping person because of the extra padding.

Pillow top mattresses presented the problem of sheets not fitting them at one time. This is rarely a problem any longer because almost all sheets are made with deep pockets to fit pillow top mattresses. Unfortunately, older sheets may not fit these extra thick mattresses. Another issue is that the mattress with a thick pillow top is even higher off the ground, especially when it is placed on an extra-high bed frame. It could be difficult for a child or a very short adult to get into bed. This person usually develops a system that becomes very easy before long. Another issue with pillow top mattresses is that they cannot be turned over like a regular mattress can be turned.

An advantage of a pillow top mattress is that it is still possible to have a firm mattress underneath while having the softer pillow top on the surface. Although it is possible to put a traditional mattress pad made of cotton on the bed, or even one made of memory foam, they usually do not provide the level of comfort of a pillow top mattress. Also, a pillow top is attached to the mattress, so it cannot shift or move if the sleeper turns over. It is a permanent part of the mattress.