Air Mattress Toppers

As you peruse the home stores and bed and mattress specialty shops, you will be inundated with mattresses, mattress toppers, customized pillows and mattress pads in all sorts of materials. All are designed to deliver comfort and luxury, but each material has a unique feel that will appeal to different customers. If air mattresses suit your taste and lifestyle, your best bet is to shop at an online bed store. These websites will include review and advice to help you pick out the best air mattress or mattress topper for you.

The Major Selling Points of an Air Mattress or Mattress Topper

An air mattress topper is both comfortable and versatile. By inflating or deflating different regions, you can customize the support that the product provides. When fully deflated, the toppers roll up and are easy to pack away, making them portable. Take the air mattress topper with you, or just bring it out for certain occasions when you need a change for better sleep and pressure point relief. With no solid support material, the air mattresses are less likely to grow mold or invite bed bugs or dust mites to take up residence, making them hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean. If you think about it, these are the only mattresses that are air tight by design, so they are perfect for keeping unwanted materials out. Air mattress toppers are essentially impenetrable, so customers with sensitive allergies find them to be a great choice for the bedroom.

Air Mattresses Respond Well To Body Pressure

Air Mattress ToppersWhen you recline, the weight of your body is distributed heavily across your shoulders and hips. An air-filled mattress topper will give under these weights a bit more, while deforming only slightly under the lighter weight of your extremities. This keeps your spine in proper alignment, and relieves pressure from the areas of your lower back and hips that tend to bear too much weight. The nature of this response increases your overall comfort as you sleep.


All mattresses and mattress pads can be purchased in varying support strengths, thicknesses, and densities. However, only the air mattress gives you the flexibility to adjust the firmness over time to accommodate your changing needs. You may find that the firmness you find most suitable at the time of purchase is no longer comfortable after a year or so. With most mattress toppers, you’d have to buy a new one in order to change the level of support, but the air mattresses can be adjusted so no replacement is necessary. The adjustment is simple to do and can be done wherever the mattress topper is installed.

While you can expect a small amount of air to leak from the mattress topper over time, an electric pump is generally provided with the purchase of an air mattress, so you can re-inflate as necessary. The important thing is that you can find a setting that optimizes your comfort, so you never have to compromise when you use an air mattress.