Pillowtop Mattress Reviews

A pillow top mattress is an investment that can cost thousands of dollars, and it should last for around ten years. Some mattresses will last longer, for around 20 years. Since it is a substantial investment, careful research should be undertaken before purchasing a new pillow top mattress. There are some differences in mattresses, and simply purchasing the least expensive one will not always result in the sound sleep that you hope to get when purchasing this type of mattress.

Some of the best rated pillow top mattresses have a 20-year guarantee, while others that are also very good have only a 10-year guarantee. It is possible to find out many details about pillow top mattresses by searching online. A lot of information is posted about the most well-known mattresses, such as the height of the mattress, number of coils, type of foam padding in the pillow top, whether there are relief zones or not, warranty information, and the price.

It is important to realize that many review websites may compare two different mattresses of different sizes. This is not important except where the price is concerned. A king-size bed or California king-size bed will cost more than a twin size bed, so it is necessary to compare the same sizes when doing price comparisons.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Mattress is one of the best sellers. Serta’s Advanced Comfort Quilt on the pillow top reduces tossing and turning. It is also made with a special Innerspring that provides proper spinal support while sleeping. The memory foam in the pillow top cradles the sleeper’s body for a comfortable night’s sleep. This mattress supports at the same time that it keeps you comfortable. Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Mattresses cost anywhere between $1,300 and $2,300.

Another top seller is the Sealy Posturepedic Castle Hill Ultra Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress. This mattress costs around $2,000. The mattress height is 13.5 inches high, and it has three inches of foam padding in the pillow top. The center third of the mattress is memory foam with special coils that provide support. It has a 10 year guarantee.

On the list of popular mattresses is the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Marianne Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop Mattress. This mattress is available in standard height or in low profile to fit platform beds. It has a very thick padded pillow top that has several different types of foams in it. It is a very high mattress that is 17 inches high, so deep pocket sheets are definitely needed to fit it. The high coil content provides support while the pillow top provides comfort for the sleeper. This mattress costs between $5,000 and $6,000, but it is sometimes on sale at famous department stores and other sites for up to $2,000 off the original price. It is only made in queen size, king size, and California king size.

Simmons Beautyrest Edgewater Plush Pillow Top Mattress is also a best-selling mattress. This mattress has three different kinds of foams in the pillow top, and a core of memory foam that is supported by the company’s unique coil springs. It adjusts with your body as you move. It is reasonably priced at around $1,360 for a twin size $1,700 for queen size, and around $2,500 for king size.

When looking for a new pillow top, experts recommend that you look for a bed with at least a 10 year guarantee. It is also helpful to look for the amount of coils in the mattress to make sure that it will support your body. Lying down on the mattress is the best way to tell if you like the way that it feels. Pillow top mattresses can be found at specialty stores online and at department stores and mattress stores.