Latex Mattress Toppers

If you are looking for a more comfortable sleep solution, you should consider investing in a mattress topper. Rather than replacing your mattress or buying expensive pillows that will wear out quickly, you can use a topper to enhance the texture and support of your mattress surface. For somewhere between $99 and $500 you can get a top quality product that will help you sleep better, and wake up with fewer aches and pains.

The Competition

The most widely advertised mattress toppers are made of memory foam, or viscoelastic urethane. The material responds to your body weight to give you customized comfort and support. The same material is used as a safety measure in packaging and motorcycle helmets. The material does a great job of redistributing weight and pressure, which is why it feels so nice as a mattress topper. The memory foam also isolates any motion from one side of the bed to the other, meaning that couples can move about without disturbing each other. This magic memory foam is a man made material, and the manufacturing process can be costly. The cost and associated pollution and cleanup are all factors you have to consider as a consumer of the product. The impact that these mattress toppers have on the industry and environment may not be worth the comfort and luxury they can deliver.

Advantages of Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex Mattress TopperLatex is a natural product; in fact, the sap from rubber trees is beaten and whipped until enough air has entered that the material becomes light and foamy. The resiliency and softness of the latex is a great replacement for spring mattresses or memory foam mattress toppers. Eliminating the synthetic manufacturing process makes latex mattress toppers an environmentally friendly comfort product. You also won’t run into problems with mildew, mold, or dust mites that sometimes find their way into the memory foam alternatives. In addition to being the more environmentally responsible choice, latex mattress toppers are generally less expensive than the memory foam toppers.

Minor Drawbacks to Consider

The latex is a very pliable material, but it is dense and can sometimes feel heavy. Depending on the thickness, the topper may need some rigid support material along its edges, which can be uncomfortable if you find yourself sleeping at the edge of the bed. If you cannot find a local supplier, you may have to place a custom order online. The wait time is longer than other mattress toppers, and the weight can make them expensive to ship in the mail.

The hypoallergenic latex mattress toppers make a great enhancement to any bed. Think of the product as an investment in your health, comfort, and wellbeing. The natural latex gives these toppers an incredible lifetime of up to 30 years – that is longer than most home products can be used! Consumers consistently report significant improvement in sleep quality when they sleep on a latex mattress topper, and most prefer the support and cleanliness to that of the memory foam toppers.