Feather Mattress Toppers

Ever wonder how those 5-star hotels and resorts manage to keep such comfortable beds for their guests? The kind that you sink into, but still feel the firm support along your body? Anyone is the guest services industry knows that hotel room furniture has to look good, but feel great in order to keep clients coming back. Without a huge budget for mattress upgrades, most hoteliers invest in mattress toppers or mattress enhancers that run for about $100 apiece, and can be replaced every 5 or so years to extend the lifetime of a mattress without sacrificing comfort. You can take a lead from these professionals and recreate the luxurious hotel feel in your own bedroom with a feather mattress topper.

The Appeal

Everyone loves a fluffy feather pillow, and a feather mattress topper is like a huge pillow for your entire body. The topper serves as an extra layer of padding that fits between your mattress and sheets. Feathers or down are the classic fill material for a mattress topper, and they never go out of style. The mattress toppers promote better blood flow to maintain circulation throughout the night so that you don’t wake up to toss or turn. They also allow for better air flow between you and your mattress, so you don’t overheat during the night. With a mattress topper in place, you are sure to experience more consistent and more restful sleep on a regular basis.

Feather Mattress ToppersAs you sleep, it gives your body and mind a chance to reset. Good sleep habits will be reflected through lower stress levels throughout the day, clarity of thought, and happiness. If you are sleeping right, you are less likely to gain weight or be susceptible to viruses due to a weakened immune system. A feather topper is great year-round, saving you on heating costs in the winter as it traps and stores your body heat, as well as on cooling bills in the summer when the fluffy mattress topper helps air circulate beneath you to keep you cool. A luxury product that is also economical – who can pass that up?

Care and Durability

Most feather mattress toppers are machine washable. If you purchase one with a delicate outer material, you may have to spot clean with soapy water if you notice any stains. You can always put a washable cover over the mattress topper, just as you would with a pillow to make cleaning even easier. To get the most out of the mattress topper you choose, you should fluff the feathers weekly or whenever you make the bed. This will redistribute the filling and prevent packing or clumping in certain areas. You should also hang the product in a well-ventilated warm room or outdoors to air out twice a year.

Is it Time to Upgrade?

If you’re not completely sold yet on the idea of a feather mattress topper for your own bedroom, ask around when you book your next hotel stay to find a room with a feather mattress topper that you can try out first hand. Think of your stay as a test drive before you decide to make the investment – you won’t regret it!