Mattress Toppers

Gearing up for the fall semester as a freshman in college is quite a step from your high school back-to-school shopping. You have a dorm room to fill with desk accessories, electronics, and appliances. There’s no doubt that a microwave, desk lap, and bookshelf made your must-have list, but don’t neglect the one piece of furniture that you’ll spend approximately 8 hours a night on – the bed! Dorm room beds are notorious for being stiff and uncomfortable, but with the right accessories, you can have you bed feeling as comfy as it did back home.

The main culprit in the uncomfortable dorm bed is an old, worn mattress. Colleges buy mattresses in bulk, and they choose a model that is built for durability rather than comfort. You’ll notice that they mattress is thin with a stiff vinyl covering. You will find that investing in a good mattress topper can mask this uncomfortable vinyl and give you a softer, more luxurious surface to fall asleep on. The mattress topper should rest directly on top of the mattress, beneath the mattress pad. It will add anywhere from 1-4 inches of thickness to the mattress, which will be enough to notice the added comfort, but not enough to outgrow your bed frame.

Mattress ToppersThere are a number of mattress toppers available, many of which are little more than egg crate styled packing foam cut to the size of a mattress. A good sign of quality is the density and texture of the mattress topper. The more dense the material, the more support it will provide, and the longer it will last. Keep in mind that you pay for what you get. If you have never used a mattress topper before, ask around to see what your friends and family like before you make a decision.

The ultimate in mattress toppers use memory foam that respond to your body weight and essentially mold to your form. Some people find these to be incredibly comfortable and sleep-inducing, while others find them too heavy. If you move around considerably in your sleep, you probably want to steer away from the memory foam.

With a mattress topper secured in place by the mattress pad, all that’s left to complete your dorm bed is standard bedding – sheets, blankets, and pillows. Most dorm mattresses are an extra long twin size to accommodate taller students, so be sure that your fitted sheet is the proper length. Standard twin sheets will not fit over these mattresses, and you will constantly be trying to tuck in loose corners. Any college student will tell you that laundry day doesn’t always happen right as planned, so buy two sets of sheets that you can rotate weekly, giving you ample time to get the used set into the wash. Finally, use two or three pillows and a quilt or blanket to finish up your bed. Choosing neutral colors will keep the small room from looking too crowded. You may find that repositioning the pillows against the wall turns your bed into a convenient couch during the day for studying or watching television. No matter how you decide to use it, a mattress topper will transform your uncomfortable dorm bed into a piece of furniture you can be proud of.